MUSEUM / Photo: Ryan Maxwell

by Tina Howe

Museum takes place on the final day of a group show of three fictional contemporary American artists being exhibited in a major museum of modern art. In the course of the day some forty people walk through the show: art lovers, skeptics, foreigners, students, lost souls, fellow artists, and of course, museum guards. The play is about the movement and yearning of these people.
The Theatre Lab’s Summer Acting Institute for Teens is designed to immerse young adults in the art of acting—from mastering the essential principles of the craft to participating in a public performance of at the end of the four weeks.

The curriculum includes audition seminars, improvisational workshops, voice and speech training, movement training, and scene study, as well as special programs designed to give interested students insight into the workings of the professional theatre community. In addition to the daily training, students present a fully designed production at Theater J, a renowned professional theatre venue.

Assistant Director: Zachary Roberts / Lighting Design: Kevin Laughon / Scenic Design and Technical Direction: Angelo Merenda / Producer and Theatre Lab Founder and Co-Director: Deborah Gottesman


MUSEUM / Photo: Ryan Maxwell


MUSEUM / Photo: Ryan Maxwell


MUSEUM / Photo: Ryan Maxwell


MUSEUM / Photo: Ryan Maxwell



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